Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Challenge 11 - Laura's

I see a lot of movies. No not in the theatre but at home as we have a home movie theatre in our basement. We rent from Netflix so we get at least 3 movies a week to watch at night when the children are sleeping.

Recently my favorite movie has been "The Phantom of the Opera" but I couldn't think of how it relates to me except for the fact that I love the music from that movie. I have the soundtrack and listen to it often.

So I went with my all time favorite movie "Beaches". I saw this movie as a teenager and it remains to be my favorite movie. So here's my layout:

Image of the movie was taken from
Bling on the Beach by Meryl Bartho
Bling on the Beach Add on by Meryl Bartho
Peachy Keen Alphabet by Elizabeth Weaver
Font: Harlow Solid Italic

Looking forward to the last challenge and hoping it's not a difficult one since my children are celebrating their birthday on Saturday so I maybe quite busy and don't want to disappoint Gail. Maybe they'll post it early so I can get it done and don't have to worry about running out of time with the party.

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