Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Challenge 9 - (Laura's Embarrassing Moment)

Victoria lost her earring so we went to the jewelry store to purchase her a new pair. The jewelry store is located in our supermarket so all the kids were in the shopping cart. It was also senior citizen day. I was leaning over the counter looking at the earrings when an older woman across the counter started to make a strange noise. I looked up and she pointed to her breast area and then pointed to me. My boobs were showing! How embarrassing giving a show to the older men in the store. This will be the last time I wear this shirt with the triplets. They cling and tug on me all day long and apparently one of the buttons opened.

Indian Summer by Lauren Bavin
Pleasantly Pink by Lauren Bavin
Fonts: DSP Grandmom\'s hand & Viner Hand ITC

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