Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Challenge #5 - I Love Quilting

At least I didn't wait until the last minute to finish this challenge. I don't think Laura's poor heart could take another last minute submission! I have apologized for worrying Laura and I think she's ok now.

Did you see her "Shop With Coupons" layout?? It is SO cute! I really love Diane's kit that she used. I think Laura had this layout done almost before the ink had dried on the challenge post! That girl is QUICK!

As you can see, I have posted my layout. My Mamaw and my Aunt passed on a love of fabric and quilting to me. I'm the only grandchild that even showed an interest in learning. I loved the impromptu 'quilting bees' that happened at my Mamaw's house. My Papaw had made her quilting frame and it was attached to a rope and could be raised up to the ceiling when not in use and lowered when she wanted to quilt. As a child, I would sit under that quilt frame and listen to the adults gossip and laugh. It was literally music to my ears. I think they knew I was under there because sometimes they whispered! Once I was old enough to thread a needle on my own Mamaw said it was time to teach me to quilt. My stitches weren't even close to being as small as hers, but she let me stitch away. I was finally quilting with the adults! How proud was I!

My layout is my tribute to my Mamaw and my Aunt and the love of quilting they gave me. I hope you enjoy it. My journaling reads:

Thanks to my Mamaw and my Aunt NettieBeth. They were avid quilters and I loved sitting under that quilting frame when I was small. I can still hear their laughter when someone told some juicy gossip! Mamaw said she did some of her best thinking and problem-solving when she had a needle and thread in her hand. They taught me the joy of friendship while sitting around that quilt frame, also. Every female that entered Mamaw’s house when the frame was up was invited to sit down and put in a few stitches. Some wonderful friendships developed around those quilts. When I look at Mamaw’s quilts now I can still remember some of the stories told while she was working on that quilt. More importantly, I can remember those friends who are no longer with us. I’m the only grandchild who embraced Mamaw’s love of quilting and I’ve tried to instill it in my own children. While they appreciate it, they have yet to pick up that needle and thread, but there’s still time for that.

Simply Sarah: Template
Sausan Designs: Alpha
Christina Renee: Background, stitches
Jennifer Bolton: Teeny Tags
Font: DJBJeannieScript

Until Thursday....


mom2triplets04 said...

Wow, we have a lot in common. I too know how to quilt. Unfortunately, though no one in my family has quilted. My grandmother does knit and crochet though. My mom is not a crafty person at all. She likes gardening yet I do not. I have gone to quilting retreats though and they are a lot of fun. I have done both by hand and by machine quilting. Of course, this was way before I learned how to scrapbook and now scrapbooking takes up all of my free time.

Diane said...

I love this page!! I'm a quilter too though I do it on the machine and not by hand. Unfortunately, I just don't have the patience for that. I'd have made a terrible pioneer woman. LOL But I can SO appreciate the work and the time and the love that goes in to hand quilting and how special that is. Like Laura, scrapbooking has entirely overtaken the time I used to spend quilting but I'll get bck to it someday. What terrific memories you have!! Thank you for sharing this!

PatinParis said...

Love the layout and journaling. My great grandmother had a quilting frame, and I remember (being small) that it was only in the kitchen that there was room large enough to put it up, so only in the summer when the wood stove was finally off did it go up and she would finish a quilt she had been working on all year. I never have taken to that particular craft, but I do love needlework, and used to have a time (when I lived here in Michigan) that once a week, friends and co-workers would get together at my house, people would bring something to munch on and their current "craft they could carry" with them and we would each do our own crafts and discuss things that bothered us, problem solve, etc. all with the understanding that what ever was said in that room, stayed in that room. Was a great way of spending time, doing crafts, and being able to just talk about things and work out problems. I think that was alot of what the old quilting bee's did also!

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