Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Back & Challenge 4 Completed

Poor Laura! I had her worried while I was away last week. I did talk to her via phone (and she has the cutest accent!) last Thursday to find out what challenge 4 was. I was in a very small east Texas town and their library didn't even have internet access! I felt SO isolated! I did get my layout done while I was away. I just didn't have a way to upload it. Well, it's all finished, uploaded and submitted now so Laura....BREATHE!

Here's my interpretation of Challenge 4:

My husband, Lee, is taking early retirement in four years when my youngest daughter graduates from high school. Our goal is to sell everything (house, possessions, etc.) and start living full-time in our 5th wheel and traveling across the country. We're so excited and can hardly wait! My family thinks we're a little crazy, but they've always expected oddball things from me so they weren't totally surprised when we told them. It's been a dream of mine half my life to do this and, luckily, I married a man with the same dream! Isn't life great?

Ok...I'm off to check out Challenge 5 since it's been spotted already. Laura said it's about journaling and that's not really my strongest part of scrapbooking. I may have to do some thinking on this one!



PatinParis said...

Great LO!! Keep up the great work guys!! I also understand that need for change and seeing new things, meeting new people.

I did something similar when younger, we ended up on the road in a travel trailer (ex and I) and traveled, worked... love it... had a cousin who did the same thing when he retired. But they sold only what they did not want, put the rest with family and traveled, live here and there for a bit, love it, but they now have a house and have resettled. We did the same thing. Wandering is great and exciting for a while, but after a while, weeks, months, year(s) you tend to want to be in one place again. So...if there are items you may think you would like to have in your place sometime again? Storage or family to keep for you. That way you have no regrets about getting rid of something that meant alot to you.

Diane said...

Wonderful layout!! I'm so jealous. Our travel trailer is only 26 ft with one slideout. The one you're looking at is huge! Better have a BIIIIG truck. When we went shopping for ours we saw some that even had fireplaces and ceiling fans!

Anyway, love your layout and I'm so glad you got back in time before Laura had to be resuscitated. LOL