Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Me! Oh My!

MUSEUM-related??? Oh, good gravy....This girl doesn't do museums! Why couldn't that first challenge be about something like....well, CHOCOLATE!! Now that's a subject I know. I've got tons of it sitting right here beside my computer for that extra burst of energy during the race. I could easily snap off oh...a dozen or so photos right now! I could have that page done in no time flat. Museums....geez.....guess I've got some searching to do.

And just look what my partner did!! Isn't that just the cutest page! Laura, is that really you dressed as Dorothy? As my grandmother would say, "You are just as cute as a button!"

I want to know how you got that page done so fast? I'm still agonizing over mine. Thank goodness we have until Sunday to get this thing done. I sure hope Thursday's challenge is easier. I'm just so afraid they're going to tell us it has to be OPERA-related!! Fair warning, Laura...if it is, this old gal will stumble!

I'll be back later to post my museum-related page. Just don't hold your breath waiting for something wonderful!


mom2triplets04 said...

You have me cracking up laughing. Now, opera would not do me any good at all. No one here sings. I'd probably crack glasses if I did. Yes, I too thought that the museum topic was a bit hard but I had time to think while driving the kids to all their activities today and it just came to me quickly. Good luck Gail and thanks for the good laugh.

Alyson said...

Maybe you should do a page about how you want to visit a chocolate museum. I'm sure there's one somewhere. :)

4noisyboys said...

Well...something happened with my first comment...and I'm not good about typing it all over again!! Ok...I'm not sure about this museum topic...chocolate really would've been better (and easier I agree)!! Good luck with it though! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!