Sunday, July 29, 2007

Challenge 5 - I'm Stressing

Challenge 5 was spotted. I'm stressing. I'm not stressing about the challenge (well, maybe a little), I'm mainly stressing because my partner is missing. She's away and has no internet access. Supposed to be returning today. She has to upload her layout for 4 and we have to submit our 4 layouts by tonight in order to stay in the race. If we miss the deadline we are disqualified for the grand prize. Sure hope Gail shows up soon so I can relax.

So you want to know about Challenge 5? It's all about journaling. Someone in your life has taught you something that has stuck with you. What is it? Do a layout and write about it.

This one I think I may have to think about for a while. I do have one thing in mind but to get photos of this will be a bit of a challenge. No hinting. Sorry.

Well, off for a nap and maybe I'll dream about Gail returning. Think Happy Thoughts.

1 comment:

Gail said...

Ok, darling! You can relax now. I walked in the door about 15 minutes ago. My layout is almost finished and we will definitely make the deadline! Now, go enjoy your nap!