Monday, July 30, 2007

Challenge 5 - Shop with Coupons

I know I said I was going to wait till Wed to post my layout but I just could not wait. I'm the type of person that when she gets an assignment she has to do it right away or it will nag at me until I get it done.

I thought and thought about this challenge but the only thing that kept coming back to me was how my dad influenced me to shop and use coupons. Since this is something I do weekly on Sundays I thought it was the best thing to scrap about.

I remember when I was growing up my dad would clip coupons on a weekly basis. He would also make a list from the supermarket flyer for the week. We would go food shopping together. We used the coupons that he had collected and he would save money on the purchases that he made. Now that I am married, I continue to clip coupons. Every Sunday I sit at the kitchen table with my daughter Victoria who likes to collect the coupons as I clip and sort through them. I participate in a coupon exchange through the mail so I have lots of coupons at my disposal. My dad taught me the process of clipping and saving money. I save from $20 to $50 a week depending on sales. Thanks Dad for sharing your knowledge of saving money by clipping coupons.

All Night Diner by Diane Isbell
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Until Thursday.


Diane said...

I already said this on DP but I think it's awesome that your dad taught you about saving money and that you're passing that on to your own children. This layout is so cute and I love the little barcode and photos. What an honor to be part of your challenge assignment! :o)

PatinParis said...

I have forgotten all about my old routine of doing just what you speak about. I used to have a box all set up and categorized for those last minute things also which I carried with me all the time, stuffed with coupons.
Unfortunately in France I rarely find any. We do shop at a store though that on Wednesday, we get 5% back on all Auchon products... guess that works. Keep up the great work!