Sunday, July 15, 2007

One More Day

Gail, You have me cracking up laughing. Now, I need to get some chocolate. I'm actually running off to the store to get milk so I'll add chocolate to my list of things to get and tv dinners very smart idea.

I actually scrapped last night a page and my computer crashed! It hasn't done that in a while. I lost the entire layout and had to do it all over again. I realized that all the stuff I purchased in the past 3 days from the sales have filled up my space again and I have no disk space left. So this morning I moved some files to disk again. I certainly do not want to crash during the race.

I so need to stay off the computer but I'm running out of things to do! The race starts tomorrow so I don't want to do any major challenges.


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Diane said...

You guys are so funny. You HAVE to be the most excited team in the race!! LOL